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 The 116000, in Italy, is entrusted to the Ministry of Interior and managed by Telefono Azzurro, dedicated to anyone who wants to report a situation of a missing child or adolescent, italian or foreign.

The aid for every missing child is a phone number: 116000

Everyday hundreds of children are missing in Europe and around the world. Although most of the children are found within the first 24 hours, many of them come back home but they start their life again after too much time, as concerns the other children they can hardly be found. From the 25th of May 2009 in 27 of the Eu Member States it will be easier for the parents to signal the missing of a child and for the missing child to find the way back home. Moreover, the citizens will be able to give information for a missing child too. The aid comes from the phone number 116000, the line for missing children In Italy the number 116000, assigned by the Authority for the Guarantees in Communications at the Ministry of the Interior, will be managed by Telefono Azzurro through a Memorandum of Understanding . Telefono Azzurro has the task to put in his own resources to manage the project. 

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