Alessia and Livia Schepp

Name: Alessia and Livia

Surname: Schepp

Hair colour: blond

Height: 115

Eye colour: blue/green with glasses

Age: 6

Sex: F

Information regarding the disappearance:

Type: Missing

Description of the situation: There is not information about the twin sisters after that the father, Matthias Schepp, 44 years old, killed himself jumping under a train in Cerignola’s (Foggia-Puglia) station, in the night between 3rd/4th February.  The man suffered for the separation from the wife and was spending some days with the daughters but, instead to bring back the sisters to home’s mother (Irina Lucidi) in Lausanne (Switzerland), he escaped and didn’t give any news. In the last days, Mr Schepp had stopped off in Marseille and seems to have withdraw 7.500 euro. Now in Italy (Puglia) many are already employed in the research of the sisters Alessia and Livia.




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