When a child is missing: prevention and safety education

When a child is missing, the public opinion soon starts asking a long list of questions on how quick the identification photos are displayed, on the timeliness of the search for a missing child on the territory, on the coordination among the police force, on the strictness of the convictions for the person responsible for such a violence and yet on the support given to the victim.

However, dealing with missing children does not mean just “finding” a missing one. Today, is more and more obvious and shareable at an international level that the phenomenon of the missing children and teenagers can and has to be prevented. That is why one should do the utmost, even in the light of the often dramatic consequences that a child experiences when he is removed from his family.

In order to understand how parents and the most important point of reference can help a child to feel safe it is necessary to clear the ground from some of the commonplaces.